Wetting Agent for Sprinklers and Demisting Systems

Elevate the performance of your sprinkler and demisting systems with our advanced wetting agents. Engineered to reduce water's surface tension, our wetting agents ensure superior penetration and coverage, resulting in rapid and efficient fire suppression. Ideal for commercial and residential applications, our cutting-edge solutions provide an additional layer of fire protection, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Wetting Agent for Fire and Rescue Services

In the demanding environment faced by firefighters, our specialized wetting agents offer a vital advantage. Formulated to enhance water's firefighting capabilities, our agents facilitate quicker extinguishment, reducing risks to personnel and property. Trust in our expertise to deliver reliable and effective solutions that empower fire and rescue services in their crucial life-saving missions.

Extinguishers for All Types of Fires, Including Lithium Batteries

Our comprehensive range of fire extinguishers is designed to provide versatile protection against various fire classes, including lithium battery fires. Equipped with state-of-the-art extinguishing agents, our extinguishers ensure rapid and effective response to any fire emergency. Choose our reliable solutions for comprehensive fire protection tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern environments.

Agent for Dumping Down or Spraying Down Fires on Land or Forest Fires

Combat the unique challenges of land and forest fires with our specialised agents. Engineered for superior wetting and cooling capabilities, our agents enable quick and effective suppression of flames, preventing further spread and escalation. Whether facing a small brush fire or a large-scale forest blaze, our specialised solutions provide the critical support needed for efficient fire control and management. 

Oil Spills

Respond swiftly and effectively to oil spill incidents with our specialised solutions. Designed to contain and control oil spills efficiently, our agents minimise environmental impact and facilitate prompt clean-up operations. Trust in our proven expertise to deliver reliable and effective solutions for oil spill management, safeguarding the environment and ensuring regulatory compliance.